RICATEC introduces to you TraTo PDR Gear

Only the best products for A PDR or R&I Technician



We’re thrilled to introduce you to TraTo PDR Gear. We have selected only what we believe is the best for a PDR Technician.
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Collapsible standards
Anodized aluminium standards
Step in two sizes
Tool Cases
TraTo Tool cases
Tool Trolley
Beta Trolley C41-H
Collapsible standard + Tabletop
Finished Hail Assignments
Kruibeke (2014)
Wittmund (2015)
Apeldoorn (2015)
Venray (2016/2017)
Steffisburg (2017)
The Hague(2017)
Sprang Capelle (2017)
Stuttgart (2018)
Vittoria Gasteiz (2018)
Sydney (NSW) (2019)
Lidköping (2019/2020)

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