TraTo polypropylene toolcase TC-RC 1100


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Standard wheels ⌀ 60mm

3 ergonomic handles available in 5 colors (orange; blue; green; grey and black)

Airtight toolcase in copolymer polypropylene with shockproof and hermetic structure, resistant to water and dust, IP67 certified.

This toolcase is used to contain and carry delicate instruments and equipment such as probes, keyboards, rifles, strings, stands, etc… It is equipped with an automatic pressurization valve and handles made of soft material for a comfortable grip; the 4 locks are pull-rod with the possibility of applying two safety padlocks; it is proposed with various interior fittings, also customizable.

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Additional information

Weight 7.9 kg
Dimensions 1177 × 450 × 158 cm