About us

How it began – the story of RICATEC

My name is Soerin Narain. In 1997, I started as a salesman in a car materials store. I sold mainly luxury goods: car radios, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, radar detection,
navigation systems, overhead monitors and so on. I am an eager learner and wanted to have a better grasp on how these systems worked. That way I could identify and solve
problems. I started installing all these systems myself. The best way of learning is by doing things yourself and in this I turned out to be a true autodidact. I started my own business
in 2004. That went well until the banking crisis broke out in 2008.

But even though life sometimes dents us, entrepreneurial blood will never be pushed around. Real quality speaks for itself, and this resulted in a perceptive client noticing my passion and perfectionism. He gave me a chance and involved me in his projects. So in 2013, I traveled to the South of Germany for my first major disassembly & assembly (R&I) job.

In those seven months, I discovered that this intensive work suits me very well. There is a nice challenge in meeting targets set by clients, such as car body repair shops and insurance companies. A new world opened up for me by working with international colleagues. I learned a lot in the professional field and how to express myself in foreign languages.

After Germany, more countries in Europe followed. As icing on the cake, I got the chance to work in Australia in 2019. An unforgettable experience!

As we are arrived in 2022, RICATEC is a thriving company operating worldwide from the beautiful city of Leeuwarden. We have a nose for quality and with us, the customer comes first, and under our hood there is perfectionism. We continue with new plans and projects. One of them is the web shop launched last April. So that we can serve our customers even better.

Web shop

As mentioned earlier, we have expanded our services with a web shop. So you can buy what you need for your PDR equipment online at competitive prices.
In our assortment you will find among other things:

  • Tool Cases
  • Standard for your Tool Case
  • Steps
  • Table with folding stand
  • Tool Trolley
  • Trunk stand
  • Accessories

Our product range will be continuously expanded with new products and we will continue to focus on the needs of you as our customer.
Therefore, please also follow us on Facebook. And please feel free to contact us if you are looking for certain products. We are ready to help you as best we can.

Finished Hail Assignments
Kruibeke (2014)
Wittmund (2015)
Apeldoorn (2015)
Venray (2016/2017)
Steffisburg (2017)
The Hague(2017)
Sprang Capelle (2017)
Vittoria Gasteiz (2018)
Sydney (NSW) (2019)
Lidköping (2019/2020)
Basingstoke (2023)

This website has carefully been co-written with and translated by Limwierde Taaldiensten – A thousand shades of language! | Webdevelopment ikzoektim.nl