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The other story of RICATEC

We are an experienced car body repair company with almost 25 years of experience specializing in the Remove- and Install (R&I) of cars due to hail damage. We often work with
PDR Technicians (Paintless Dent Repair Technician).

RICATEC is the acronym for Remove & Install Car Technician. R&I means Remove & Install. As R&I technicians, also known as R&R Technicians, we disassemble and install car
parts. We take them apart so that the PDR technician can more easily and quickly repair the dent damage to your car from hail, parking, or transportation. For example, if we
remove the door, the PDR technician can access it much better. But the car’s headliner can also be temporarily removed, among many other parts. Think about door panels, the
hood, the trunk lid, the lights, etc.

We have been specializing in de- and assembly, on-site repair for many years. Internationally, we are highly regarded for hail, parking or transport damage, in collaboration with
the PDR technician, to make the car shine like new again.

With this (PDR) technique it is possible to repair parking damage, hail damage and transport damage and to preserve the original paintwork. Afterwards you see nothing of the
damage. The car is stripped, the damage is repaired and then the car is reassembled. The electronics are also reinstalled perfectly for you to enjoy right away.

The advantages of this approach? Repair is usually easier, faster and cheaper without further damage. And there is no need for paint to dry before you can drive again. The only
condition for using PDR is this: There is no damage to the paint despite the dent. Using special tools, the dent is massaged back to its original shape. One might jokingly say that we
are  ‘car physiotherapists’.

We work a lot for companies that repair car damage, car dealers and insurance companies. Of course, private individuals are also always welcome.

Does your car have any damage? We are happy to help you solve your problem.


RICATEC is a PDR Technician’s best friend !



Finished Hail Assignments
Kruibeke (2014)
Wittmund (2015)
Apeldoorn (2015)
Venray (2016/2017)
Steffisburg (2017)
The Hague(2017)
Sprang Capelle (2017)
Vittoria Gasteiz (2018)
Sydney (NSW) (2019)
Lidköping (2019/2020)
Basingstoke (2023)

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