TraTo polypropylene toolcase TC-RC 0465

179.00 (ex VAT)

This case is used to contain and transport small to medium sized fragile and delicate tools and equipment.

Airtight trolley in copolymer polypropylene with shockproof and hermetic structure, resistant to water and dust, IP67 certified.

It is equipped with an automatic pressurization valve and a handle made of soft material for a comfortable grip; the closure is a tie rod with the possibility of applying two safety padlocks; it is supplied with various internal fittings, which can also be customized

1 ergonomic handles available in 5 colors (orange; blue; green; grey and black)
Capacity: 35 Lt


Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Outside Dimensions 50.2 × 41.5 × 24.6 cm
Inside Dimensions 46.5 × 33.5 × 22 cm