TraTo Multifunctional stand TR-ST 0330

369.00 (ex VAT)

The TraTo multifunctional stand is made of metal and is finished with coated chrome layer. It has a solid look. The stand width can be adjusted by means of the piano hinge. The stand ends can be adjusted in height by means of a large wing nut. The stand is fitted with black plastic wheels so you can reach your goal and it can be transported easily. This way you have a stable standard to place and repair a car boot on. Once finished, you can put the stand aside safely.

An extra option is to order the Regrip with the stand. Together, they make up a perfect team! With this you can protect the ends of the adjustable stand against scratches and you stabilise it so the boot cannot slide.

Depth: 64cm
Dimensions unfolded: 116 x 158cm (L x H) maximun extension and heigh
Dimensions collapsed: 22 x 94cm (L x H)

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Weight 13 kg

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