TraTo Car door stand DR-ST 0860

799.00 (ex VAT)

The TraTo car door stand is made of metal and is finished with coated chrome layer and has a solid appearance. The car door stand can be adjusted as desired by using the large wing nuts. The bottom is also tiltable.

To properly position the stand for the door disassembly, it is equipped with a hoist and also mobile. Additionally, it has three preformed brackets with a foam layer to protect the door from damage.

Why is this a smart investment?
When repairing dents through PDR (often caused by hail, parking or transport damage) it may also happen that a door has to be disassembled for the purpose of repairing these dents. Often this is a difficult job to do on your own. But not anymore with this handy door stand!

The standard is also equipped with black rubber wheels making it easy to move and transport. The wheels also have a brake. So you have a stable standard for a car door to place and possibly to repair. Once finished, you put the stand with the car door safely on the side.

A must have for hail assignments, car repair shops or for your own workshop

Depth: 54cm
Length: 58cm
Anchoring height (minimum) 1000mm – (maximum) 1650mm
Dimensions unfolded: 116 x 158cm (L x H) maximun extension and heigh
Srew stroke from 200mm to 600mm


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Weight 23 kg