Trato Eccentric polishing disc for polishers from the Milwaukee and Snap-on brand

175.00 (ex VAT)

A rotating polishing machine is a polishing machine where the polishing disc solely rotates around its own axis. But now we have developed an eccentric polishing disc which simultaneously circles around its own axis (rotating) with low resistance and in an ellipse (eccentrically), so one might say it makes tiny ‘wax-on-wax-off’ movements. This one is also balanced.

The advantage is they are easier in use without leaving behind any ‘swirl’. A rotating machine may be in for a dance when it’s not being fully under control. This problem is non-existent with an eccentric polishing disc. Risks on the varnish getting burnt through are practically zero, because its heating isn’t fast. In the end, this means you can polish off scratches and bumps extremely well.